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FURUKAWA HB20G Breaker chisel

  • FURUKAWA HB20G Breaker chisel
  • FURUKAWA HB20G Breaker chisel
  • FURUKAWA HB20G Breaker chisel
  • FURUKAWA HB20G Breaker chisel

FURUKAWA HB20G Breaker chisel

    Unit Price: 10~300 USD
    Min. Order: 1 Piece/Pieces
    Packaging: strong sea package
    Productivity: 5000PCS PER MONTH
    Brand: GSD
    Transportation: Ocean
    Place of Origin: CHINA
    Supply Ability: 3000piece
    HS Code: 8431.49
    Port: shanghai

Basic Info

Model No.: HB20G

Product Description

Product Description
HM780 hydraulic point rock breaker excavator chisel 120mm diameter for hydraulic hammer
Brand NameWe can supply chisel tool for the following excavator hydraulic hammers.
If they are not what you need, tell us your hydraulic rock breaker modle brand.Atlas C*** Hydraulic Breaker:MB500, MB700, MB800, MB1000, MB1200,MB1500 MB1600, MB1700,HB2000,HB2200,HB3000,HB3100,
HB4200,HB5800,HB7000,PB110, PB160, PB210, PB310, PB420, PB530,SB50, SB52, SB100, SB100MK2,
SB102, SB110, SB150, SB150MK2, SB152, SB200, SB202, SB300, SB302, SB450, SB552,SBC60, SBC115,
SBC255, SBC410, SBC610, SB650, SBC800, SBC850,TEX30H, TEX75H, TEX80H, TEX100H, TEX110H,
TEX180H, TEX250H, TEX400,TEX600H,TEX700H,TEX900H, TEX1400H, TEX1800, TEX2000, TEX1800H,
TEX2000H,HBC1100 - 1700 HD, HBC2500, HBC4000, HBC6000B*** Hydraulic Breaker:B290, B300, B400, B500, B600, B700, B850, B950, B1200, B1400, B1750,B1250, B1560, B2500,B2560,
B2570,B3560,B3570,B3500,B5060,B5500,B6560,HB280,HB380,HB580, HB680, HB880, HB980, HB1180,
HB2380 C*** Hydraulic Breaker:CB140, CB200, CB370, CB620, CB735, CB1150, CB1450, CB2850, CB3750, CB4000, CB5200, CB 6000 C*** Hydraulic Breaker:H30DS,H45,H45DS,H45s, H50,H50s, H55Ds, H63s, H65Ds,H70, H70s, H90,H90B,H90C, H90Cs, H100,
H100s, H115,B115,H115C,H115s, H120C,H120SH120Cs, H130, H130C, H130s, H140, H140Cs,
H140S, H160,H160C,H160Cs, H170,H180,H180S,H180DS, H195s, Chicago Pneumatic Hydraulic Breaker:CP75H, CP80H, CP100, CP100H, CP110H, CP150, CP180H, CP200, CP250H, CP290H, CP300, CP400,
CP100,CP150,CP200,CP300,CP400,CP400H, CP550, CP600H, CP700H, CP750, CP900H, CP1150,
CP1400H, CP 650,CP1800H, CP2000H,CP2250, CP3050, CP4250, RX18CNH (Case New Holland) Hydraulic Breaker :CB32, CB45, CB65, CB85, CB120, CB150, CB320S, CB400S, CB550S, CB700SDehaco Hydraulic Breaker:DHB35,DHB55, DHB75,DHB105, DHB165, DHB305, DHB405, DHB805, DHB1105, DHB1305,DHB1405,
DHB1605,DHB2305,DHB3250,DHB4105,DHB5205DNB Hydraulic Breaker:D30,D60,D70,D90,D110,D130,D160,K20,K25,K30,K40,K50Drago Hydraulic Breaker:DRH80, DRH120, DRH150, DRH180, DRH250, DRH280, DRH650S, DRH900, DRH1150S, DRH 1600S,
DRH1900Euroram Hydraulic Breaker:RM45, RM48, RM56, RM65, RM75, RM80, RM85, RM90, RM110, RM115, RM120, RM130, RM140,
RM145, RM150,RM160, RM180 ,RM195Furukawa Hydraulic Breaker:F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6, F9, F12, F19, F20,F22, F27, F 30,F35, F45, F70,F100,HB05R,HB1G,HB2G,
HB2,5G,HB3R,HB3G,HB5G,HB8G,HB10G, HB15G, HB20G, HB30G, HB40G, HB50G ,HB100G,
HB100, HB200, HB400, HB700, HB1100, HB1200, HB1500, HB1800, HB2000, FXJ275, FXJ375,
FXJ475, FS37General Breaker:GB2T,GB5T,GB6T,GB8T,GB8AT,GB8F,GB11T,GB220E,GB2400Hanwoo Hydraulic Breaker:RHB301-V,RHB302,RHB303-V,RHB303,RHB305-V,RHB308-2,RHB309,RH313-V,RHB320,RHB322-2,
RHB325,RHB328-2,RHB330,RHB340,RHB350Huskie Hydraulic Breaker:HH-100, HH-150, HH-300, HH-500, HH-750,HH-1000Indeco Hydraulic Breaker:HB5, HB8, HB12, HB19, HB27,HP200, HP350, HP500, HP600, HP700, HP900, HP1200, MES121,
MES150, MES180, MES181, MES200, MES250, MES300, MES301, MES350, MES351, MES450,
MES451, MES521,MES550, MES553, MES601, ME621 MES,650, MES1050, MES1200, MES1500,
MES1800, MES1750, MES2000, MES2500, MES3000, MES3500, MES5000, MES7000, ME 8500,
UP181, UP200, U 301, UP350, UP351, UP462, UP521, UP550, UP553, UP601, UP621, UP650, UP1200Italdem Hydraulic Breaker:Gk85,GK86,GK160,GK161,GK211,GK290,GK291,GK360,GK361,GK600,GK610,GK950,GK960,
GK1350,GK1351S,GK1600,GK2400,GK3400,GK3500,GK3800,K80,K270,K550,K1000,K1030,K1300J*** Hydraulic Breaker:HM100Q,HM115Q,HM160,HM160Q,HM165Q,HM265Q,HM160,HM260,HM260L,HM260LQHM360,
HM1560Q,HM1760Q,HM2460Q,HM3060Q,HM4160Q, M550,HM850,HM1050,HM1150,HM1350,HM1450,HM1750,HM2350,HM2950,HM3850,HM3950JKHB Hydraulic Breaker:JKHB31,JKHB51,JKHB71,JKHB101,JKHB301,JKHB401,JKHB801,JKHB1101,JKHB1401,JKHB1600,
JKHB2000,JKHB3000Kent Hydraulic Breaker:KF1, KF2, KF3, KF4, KF5, KF6, KF9, KF12, KF19, KF22, KF27, KF35, K 45, KF70,KHB1G, KHB20,
KHB150, KHB15GII, KHB200, KHB20GII, KHB300, KHB30GII, KHB400, KHB40GII, KHB500, KHB50GIIKomac Hydraulic Breaker:KB1500,KB2000,KB3600K*** hydraulic breaker/hammer:JTHB20,JTHB30,JTHB40,JTHB50,JTHB60,JTHB65,JTHB70,JTHB100,JTHB150,JTHB190,JTHB230,
JTHB310,JTHB400Konan Hydraulic Breaker:MKB500N,MKB800,MKB900,MKB1200,MKB1300,MKB1400,MKB1500,MKB2100Hydraulic Breaker:HM45, HM55 (50), HM51, HM60V, HM75 (60), HM61, HM85, HM90V, HM100, HM110, HM130, HM131,
HM135,HM140V, HM170, HM185, HM190V, HM200, HM220, HM230, HM301, HM305 (300), HM400,
HM401, HM405,HM350V, HM551, HM555, HM560, HM560CS (550), HM560V, HM580, HM600, HM601,
HM680, HM720CS HM(710),HM711, HM715,HM 720, HM720V, HM712, HM700, HM701, HM702, HM705,
HM706, HM780 V,HM800,HM900,HM901,HM902,HM960CS,HM950,HM951,HM952,HM960,HM961,
HM962, HM960V, HM1000V, HM1200, HM1201, HM1205, HM1300,HM1500, HM1500CS, HM1500V,HM1800,HM2000,HM2100,HM2300V,HM2500(2200),HM2500V,HM2600,HM3000,HM4000Lifton Hydraulic Breaker:LH70,LH80,LH110.LH170,LH300,LH200.LH360,LH500,LH1000LST Hydraulic Breaker:XB400is,XB340IS,XB450IS,XB550IS,XB675IS,XB875IS,XB1100IS,XB1300IS,XB1700IS,XB2100ISMontabert Hydraulic Breaker:BRP30, BRP45, BRP50, BRP60, BRP70, BRP85, BRP95, BRP100, BRP130, BRP140, BRP150 ,BRH40,
BRH75, BRH76, BRH90, BRH91, BRH125, BRH250,BRH270, BRH501, BRH570, BRH620, BRH 625, BRH750,
BRV32,M30, M50, M60, M70, M85, M95, M125SX, M130, M140, M150, M300, M600, M700, M 900 ,SC6, SC8,
SC12,SC16, SC22, SC28, SC36, V32, V1200, V43, V45, V46, V52, V53, V55, V56, V65, V1600, V1800, V2500,
V3500, V4500, XL1900, XL2600, Z92, Z96MSB Hydraulic Breaker:MS200H, MS250H, MS300H, MS400H, MS450H,MS500H, MS550,MS600H, MS700H, MS800H,MS900H,
SAGA20,SAGA30,SAGA40,AGA50,SAGA1000,SAGA1500,SAGA2000,MS45AT,MS35ATMTB Hydraulic Breaker:MT25,MT35,MT36,MT45,MT65,MT85,MT95,MT120,MT150,MT170,MT210,MT255,MT275,MT285,
MT270,MT360,MT500,MT700NPK Hydraulic Breaker:E12-X, E15-X, E18-X, E24-X,E102, E106, E200, E201,E 202, E203, E204, E205, E206, E207, E208A,
E 210,E210B, E212, E213, E213A, E215, E216, E220, E225,E240A,GH06, GH07, GH1, GH2, GH3,
GH4,GH5, GH6, GH10, GH12,GH15, GH18,GH30,H06-X, H08-XA, H1-XA, H2-XA/XE,H 2-X, H3-XA/XE,
H4-X/XE, H5-X, H6-X,
H7-X,H 8-X, H8-XA, H10-X, H10-XB, H10-XE, NPK H11X, H12-X, H12-XE, H14X, H16X, H20X, H30XOkada Hydraulic Breaker:UB4,UB8,UB11,OUB305,OUB307,OUB308,OUB210,OKB302A, OKB303, OKB305, OKB312 B, OKB316,
TOP35, TOP60,TOP200,OUB302,OUB302A,OUB303B,OUB304B,OUB305,OUB306,OUB308,OUB310,
OUB312,OUB316,OUB318O&K Hydraulic Breaker:H32,H45,H65,H85,H120,H150,H200,H260,H310,H380,H530,H700OCM Hydraulic Breaker:OCM8,OCM25,OCM55,OCM100,OCM130OMAL Hydraulic Breaker:OMAL80,OMAL80S,OMAL270.OMAL500,OMAL1000OMD Hydraulic Breaker:OMD8,OMD30,OMD50,OMD100,OMD4000Promove Hydraulic Breaker:XP100, XP150, XP250, XP450, XP550, XP800Rammer Hydraulic Breaker:S18,S21,S22,S23,S23N,S24,S25N,S25,S26,S27,S29,S52,S54,S55,S56,S82,S83,S84,S86,E63,
E64, E65,E66, E66 N, E68,G80, G90, G100, G110, G120,G130,M14,M18,G88CTIY,G90CITY,
G110CITY,G130CITYRotair Hydraulic Breaker:OL90, OL130, OL180, OL250,OLS50, OLS95, OLS160, OLS260, OLS330, OL 450 S*** Hydraulic Breaker:BR321, BR422, BR623, BR825, BR927, BR1229, BR2063,BR2064, BR2265,BR2266, BR2568,
BR3088,BR3288, BR3890,BR4099, BR4510, BR4511,BR7013Socomec Hydraulic Breaker: DMS50,DMS95,DMS150,DMS160,DMS210,DMS220,DMS250,DMB260,DMS270,DMS330,
DMS430,MDO550,DMS680,DMS740,MDO300,MDO430,MDO550,MDO750, MDO900, MDO1450,
MDO1950, MDO2050Soosan Hydraulic Breaker:
SB10 , SB20 , SB30 , SB40, SB43,SB45,SB50, SB60,SB70 SB81, SB100,SB121,SB130,SB140,
SB150, SB151
Stanley Hydraulic Breaker:MB125,MB156, MB250, MB256, MB257, MB357, MB350, MB506, MB550, MB656, MB675, MB695,
MB800, MB856, MB875, MB956, MB1500, MB1550, MB1560, MB1950, MB1975, MB2570,
MB3570, MB2975,MB3900,MB3950,MB5950, MB15EX, MB20EX, MB30EX, MB40EX,MB50EX,
MB70EX,MB80EX,MB100EXSTAR Hydraulic Breaker:SH40,SH91,SH151,SH200,SH280,SH560,SH561,SH990,SH991,SH1200,SH1400,SH1402TABE Hydraulic Breaker: AGB12,AGB16,AGB30,AGB270,AGB275,AGB350,AGB370,AGB371,AGB375,AGB400,AGB475,
AGB2000,AGB2001,AGB2020,AGB2800Takeuchi Hydraulic Breaker:TKB31,TKB50, TKB51, TKB71, TKB101, THB201,TKB301, TKB401, TKB801, TKB1101, TKB1401,
TKB1600, TKB2000 , TKB3000Teledyne Hydraulic Breaker:TB100,TB120,TB125,TB180,TB225,TB220,TB325,TB275,TB400,TB425,TB625,TB700,TB725,TB750,
TB825,TB830,TB900,TB925,TB975,TB1000,TB1025,TB980,TB1300,TB1425,TB1430,TB1675, TB1680,TB1825,TB2075,TB2580,TB2080 Hydraulic Breaker:TNB08M, ,TNB1E, TNB1M, TNB2E,TNB2M, TNB3E, TNB3M, TNB4E, TNB4M,TNB5E, TNB5M, TNB6E,
TNB150,TNB190,TNB220,TNB230,TNB310,TNB400Toyo Hydraulic Breaker:THBB50, THBB51, THBB71, THBB101,THBB201, THBB301, THBB401, THBB801, THBB1101,
THBB1401, THBB 1600, THBB2000, THBB3000Volvo Hydraulic Breaker:HB80,HB130,HB200,HB300,HB440,HB600,HB800,HB1100,HB1400,HB1700,HB2400,HB3200,HB3800,
MH90, MH95, MH 160, MH260, MH330Wimmer Hydraulic Breaker: W220,W330,W440,W550,W770,W880,W990

Company Information
MaAnShan Goldern Star Machinery Co.,Ltd is a leading hydraulic breakers and spare parts manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter since 2013. We have more than 200 professional employees and 10 production lines with advanced equipments. We have offered up to 17 kinds of "sonfo" side type ,silence type and top type hydraulic hammers, which are durable, high quality and high efficiency.

The hydraulic breaker/hammer spare parts we supply are front head, cylinder,back head, chisel, piston,seal kits,diaphragm,front cover, thrush bush,ring bush,charging valve,accumulator,through bolt,side bolt, bracket, N2 charging device etc.
Excavator hammer lines/piping kits/auxiliary installation pipelines for attachment are available too.
High quality,competitive price and innovative products can be promised and stock samples can be available for your evaluation.
Welcome to visit our factory and contact us
Mian Product


What’s the MOQ?
1 piece or unit.
How about the delivery time?
Depends on needed quantity, normally,5 to 15 days.
How many years have you been producing hydraulic breakers and parts?
Over 18 years, since 2000.
Is it compensable if there is any quality problem of the products?
Yes, of course, we have damage compensate standards.
What’s the payment term?
50% as down payment,50%before shipment by T/T.
(pictures of products and packages will be showed to our customers before balance is paid.)
Can you produce according to customers’ design?
Yes, we can. if we don’t have what you need,we can produce them for you only if sizes are offered.
How about the package?
Standard exporting package, Non fumigation pallets or boxes.



Ma an shan goldenstar machinery established in 2014,on line of excavator breaker & spare parts,such as chisel,bush set,piston, front head,through bolt,chisel lock,side bolt,front head,back head,and so on,we are manufactory and have our own trade office,welcome contact with us for further business relationship.

Company Info

  • Representative: Nancy Xu
  • Product/Service: Hydraulic Breakers , Breaker Chisels , Breaker Pistons , Chisel Lock Pins , Breaker Bushes , Rod Pins
  • Capital (Million US $): 3000000RNB
  • Year Established: 2015
  • Total Annual Sales Volume (Million US $): Above US$100 Million
  • Export Percentage: 91% - 100%
  • Total Annual Purchase Volume (Million US $): Below US$1 Million
  • No. of Production Lines: 3
  • No. of R&D Staff: 5 -10 People
  • No. of QC Staff: 5 -10 People
  • OEM Services Provided: yes
  • Factory Size (Sq.meters): 1,000-3,000 square meters
  • Factory Location: dan yang industry area, bo wang town,ma an shan city, anhui province
  • Contact Person: Ms. JENNY XU
  • Tel: +86-0555-2222833
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